"Brush teeth better. Teeth last longer"

300 vs 30,000.

300 strokes per minute with manual toothbrushing or 30,000 strokes per minute with sonic toothbrush, which do you prefer? Anyone can now attain maximum efficiency in oral cleansing without the effort.


Oral SPA started with a simple concept - bring sonic powered technology toothbrushes to the hands of everybody.

The company focuses on creating world-class products in design and function.For over a decade, the company has sought to deliver breakthrough experiences for daily oral care for all users. 

As the name suggest, it is a spa treatment for the oral cavity.


"A person brushing manually can brush as well provided they brush using a proper brushing technique and brush for an adequate length of time. Unfortunately, most people simply don’t brush properly and so most people will benefit from using an electric brush." - McKendrick

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